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The Black Lives Matter Campaign and The West Bro Baptist “church”… Two Peas in a Pod of Hate

I originally wrote this on facebook, and hesitated to make it public due to the possibility of threats of violence and hatefulness in general. I decided to revisit my blog to post it in the hopes that it would find more people and it would stay off my Facebook Profile. Granted, this isnt posted in any form of anonymity. Its pretty easy to find who I am. Shit, I think I have my FB linked on here. And its whatever. Here is what I said……

‪Black Lives Matter‬ groups are the new ‪West bro Baptist‬. Both damn you for things you have no control over being white, being gay, etc. Both do disgusting things, and both were formed on misinterpretation of something (history in the former case, and religious text in the latter.)

This is far less of a stretch to make than calling the POW flag racist.

Im also sure itll make people mad. And thats fine, you can be mad. You can call me names. But in the words of one of the biggest civil rights leaders and a man whom i respect immensely.

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

I read this and try and remember. Hate divides us, I cannot let these people who have hijacked the modern day civil rights movement to form my opinions of those of that color. I have to remember the wonderful black people that I know. Ugliness and hate comes in all forms and in people of all colors. Being half of this “evil” color doesnt define me. My ACTIONS, and my WORDS, and my HEART, define WHO I AM.

I will meet force with force, but I will never initiate it.


To expand a little, White Privilege does exist, (this doesnt mean all white people are rich obviously some are poor af) but this isnt the fault of the majority of white people. If you want to be mad be mad at the people on the top. I saw a video the other day that blew my mind, it essentially said what Ive known for awhile now, but said it so perfectly. It talked about slaves and how white and black slaves existed and they used to be equal. But the masters elevated the white slaves to just a touch higher than the black ones. This caused a racial divide in the slave class. They fought each other instead of banding together to rebel against the masters. THIS still exists today. And the modern day masters just laugh, and do everything they can to exacerbate the situation. They control the media. They control the politicians. … They control everything. Fight the Masters, not each other.


“I am sorry for your loss”


I logged in today and received a cruel reminder of Seans death.I haven’t posted on here in daaays, and it looks like some things have changed. I had a “new” notification saying that Sean was now following my blog. It of course was old news, but just seeing that was heart wrenching. I get weird-ed out posting how I am sad and such. Am I sad? Yeah of course. I cried last night, I cried this morning and im fighting tears now. But it seems unfair to me to make this about me. If anything I should cry for his mother, father, brother, sister and wife. Their pain is real and fresh. I mourn for them. 

Sean was my friend. Every time I use Sony Vegas I will think of him. Its him that I argued with about what a lame program it was while talking up final cut Pro… Ill remember him making me drink a whole bottle of water because his dumb ass had to pee and and we were flying back to San Diego in my dads plane and had pretty much just taken off and had a 3 hour flight ahead of us! HA! I think back on this and have to laugh, and smile. Sean was good guy. He really was. I have too many other stories with the media com. group to tell. It doesn’t matter. Ill remember. 

Sean is gone now but I know he wont be forgotten as long as we all live. His memory will linger on. Don’t be sorry for my loss. My loss is much smaller than those even closer to him like his family. I am upset that he is gone, and while it feels like he has been taken (gawd, I feel like im not even worthy of saying this as his family im sure misses him so much more than I) I try to look at it like this. I was blessed to know him and to call him a friend. Don’t be sorry for my loss. I’m thankful for a friend.I once had. 


Why I am scared to become a dad. (again)

Im thinking about changing this whole blog feel, and such. I dont feel like ranting about politics as much anymore. Although I did here something great today. “The purpose of the constitution is to defend us from democracy”… But thats all I have for you today about that… 



Im scared. When I say scared I dont mean.. OH %$(# IM FRIGHTENED. More like a “what am I going to do” type of a thing. For those who dont know me or my story well, I met a beautiful lovely woman when back in 2006. We didnt talk much but stayed somewhat in touch. She later came into my life in 2009. We hit it off and were married in 2011. What I havent mentioned is between 2006 and 2009 she had a son. When I came into his life he was about 1.5. Cute kid, and I love him to death. Going through our life together he has grown into a little man. He calls me dad, and he is my son. 

He is now 5, and in kindergarten. He is also a wild little guy, no fear of consequences and very emotional. Yesterday after he got in trouble for the 1000th time and I had to discipline him I cried. I think its the first time (perhaps the first of many times) that Ive done that. I know, I know, I am a man and men dont cry… but its like it doesnt matter what I do, what style of discipline we try, he just doesnt give a shit when he should and he cares way too much when he shouldn’t. Ill tell him “son Im very sad, that I have to take x away from you because you did Y in school.” He says “sorry dad Ill do better tomorrow.” but its the same thing the next day. He thinks he is on Santas naughty list right now.. Haha. SANTA DOESNT EXIST, JOKES ON YOU! But seriously, if Santa bringing him coal doesnt frighten him what will! 

SO here I am trying to figure out how to be a parent. And I thought it would be a good idea to have another one! But really. I am super stoked about my wife being pregnant and the thought of a new born baby soon making it impossible for me to sleep. But If I have another kid like my son I dont think I will survive… The only thing that keeps me encouraged is that one of my best friends was a lot like Noah as a child, and grew up into one of the nicest and most caring individuals that I know. If he grows up like him I have no worries… ha. 

I am still excited for the new baby to pop out… Er actually be taken out I guess… either way. Im still excited, but just praying the next one will be easier… although Im not counting on it. Parenting is freaking hard. I appreciate it when people tell me I am a good dad, but some days I feel like the worst. Pretty much every day when I get my son from school I am anxious about hearing what he did that day… Well… its that time. Off to go get my little monster. Wish me luck. 

It has been awhile, but I needed to vent. (Healthcare/govt. shutdown/etc.)

Its been awhile. I’ve been busy. Too busy to write a few lines? naaa. But writing hasn’t really been on my mind for awhile. So please. Excuse all of my grammatical mistakes. I am sure they will be numerous.

I am not sure what cause my recent outrage over immigration bullshit. Perhaps that they were allowed to hold their rally on “closed” govt. property while WWII vets were arrested for visiting the WWII memorial. And hey as an aside, a big F YOU to the arresting officers. You must be real pieces of shit to follow that order. You are supposed to protect and serve, but I guess you were like “meh, f that”… well f you dick. ugh. I think I have that out of my system… maybe.

But I digress.

I wanted to write about why I cant stand liberals and their stupid ideology… Nothing new right? Well I dont think Ive written about this. I dont really even know how to start this. The affordable healthcare act is a nightmare. “But Justin, you dont understand it.” YOU ARE FING RIGHT! Do you? DOES ANYONE? Does Nancy Pelosi understand it now that its passed?! We’ve got servers crashing, people cant log on, people cant get it… They arent even ready for it… I get angry even writing about it. This will tie in to immigration, give me a bit. People in CO are pissed because they see their ins. costs going UUUUUUP. I looked at what mine should be with this new plan. And hey guess what. I will pay more. But I guess someone has to pay for all the leeches right? And here is where it comes full swing. We want to open the boarders right? Right. These people coming over the boarders do not have jobs or income, yet they will receive benefits. “no, no Justin they will not.” Really? I hope that promise is better than Obamas that I would be able to keep my healthcare plan… cause yeah… Lots of people are losing them.

People from other countries with STRICTER immigration laws regularly bash the USA’s policy. Or honestly their lack their of… For not having an open boarder we sure do have a lot of people here illegally with no repercussion. And to be honest I wouldnt really care that much. WOULDNT. IF. some things were different. First off I agree that everyone has certain human rights. However a place to live, food, and healthcare are not included in that. Shoot, even our our constitution mentions the “pursuit of happiness” not happiness. And no where does it mention the right to food and shelter. Back then if you didnt work or hunt you didnt eat. Why is it any different now? As long as we have “free” aid going out to anyone who thinks they need it or “proves” they need it our boarders need to remain shut. Maybe I am a dick. But there is a finite amount of money in the system. Its not infinite, and even with the fed. reserve trying to print more we are still running out. How can we help anyone if we cant even help ourselves? Who is supposed to be paying for all this? “God loves a cheerful giver” yeah thats true, but what does it say about theft in His teachings? Isnt that what taxation is? theft? Do you give it willingly? Who is deciding how much I have to give? Not me. And there are penalties including jail time for not paying. Legal thievery? Id say so.  I give xx% to my church willingly and Id give xx% to the govt. willingly. It is however hard to see any being taken, since its misused and the dude getting it is most likely perfectly capable… Now it very well may be that the majority of the people on aid are using it correctly  But from what Ive seen here locally I doubt it.

Again what it comes down to is legalized thievery.



I wrote this over a a few days and its probably terrible as I didnt go back and fix much.  but meh. Does anyone even still read this? Or perhaps Im just shooting myself in the foot by posting these if I ever decide to run for an office… haha



I really wish people cared about civil rights.

If you think civil rights are just about gay marriage I have some news for you… 


You change your facebook picture acting like you give a fuck about the constitution, but what about when section 1021 of the NDAA was passed into law? When it was overturned as unconstitutional but the Obama administration fought it and got it put back into place? Where were you? Did you give a shit? Do you give a shit? You spout off about RIGHTS RIGHTS ITS THEIR/MY RIGHT TO GET MARRIED! and ya know? I agree. The govt. shouldn’t be telling any consenting adults they cannot marry…. But again are you not the same people saying law abiding citizens shouldn’t be allowed to exercise their second amendment rights? BAN GUNS BUT LET THE GAYS BE MARRIED! This is a hypocritical stance. Granted there are others on the other side, but generally its the pro-gay anti-gun people that really go at it… Im not Pro-Gay rights btw… I’m just Pro-Rights. Like I believe in the right to a trial by jury in a timely manner. I believe you need to be charged with something and shouldn’t be held indefinitely. While I fight to protect the rights of 100% of the population you fight for the rights of 10% or whatever the homosexual population is. 

Hey I’m not saying you’re wrong, I would say it is important. But I think the people changing their facebook pictures and all of the sudden getting political should take a look around, do some research, open their eyes and then maybe they’ll give a shit about something other than the “cool” issue at hand.



Gun control is people control.

DHS is mass control. 


Open your eyes and get ready to bend over. 

Out with logic, in with emotion!

I regularly get emails from Some I find interesting, some I just chuckle at. I (if you haven’t figured out) am a libertarian. I love freedom and want to defend it the best I can. And sometimes I find is a good place for that. Other times I feel it’s the opposite. Here is a screen shot of some comments for a petition to ban “Assault Weapons”. Image

I feel like some people don’t really understand why the 2nd amendment was written, nor do they read their history. I love the history channel and history in general. It was always my best subject. (grammar was not) .

All of these arguments here are based on emotion and miss information. The first one is incredibly foolish. I’m glad you feel that way Katie, but please open your eyes. How are these children’s lives worth anymore than kids in Pakistan, Iraq, or any of the other countries we are “at war” with. Don’t get me wrong I grieve for these children, as I do all children that die so early in their little life. As a father I cannot imagine the pain. But still, what makes American children’s death anymore tragic? Also there is the selfish factor. You say I am selfish for not wanting to give up a RIGHT guaranteed to me by the constitution, I say you are selfish to try and restrict me and all other law-abiding citizens of that right.

Nancy, tries to come off like she knows what she is talking about. Shit, she even uses the right language. (mags not clips news anchors, holy shit get it right) But she starts off on a rant about hunting. lol what? Did you miss history class? The 2nd amendment is about the right to bear arms, not go hunting.  And blah blah blah our forefathers never envisioned high-powered rifles… Oh please. They aren’t stupid, they knew weaponry would advance and I highly doubted they wanted citizens to be using muskets while the govt. had lasers… that would COMPLETELY defeat the purpose of the 2nd amendment! Also that argument shouldn’t stand up to shit, because along those lines I can’t say what I want on the internet because the first amendment wouldn’t apply to me! No way did they ever imagine something like the internet! They couldn’t even imagine computers. Yet courts agree that the 1st amendment applies to what you write on the internet. And putting porn on it too… They may have liked that. Or not. Congress should protect the rights of citizens, not the NRA or not your emotional rant. Although stupid you can say what you want, as can I because of the 1st one.

Vernell is such a leftie psycho I cant even respond to that. He should probably just move…

some dude wrote a quote but didn’t want to be identified. Classy.

LOL. Shelley they are good for mid range targets. That’s what they are good for. Although you live in Chicago, so I doubt you have ever used one.

I could have went down and responded to more… but meh, I just get depressed when I see people using their emotions to guide their actions rather than logic. The Constitution isn’t infallible but they did know what they were doing and why they wrote it that way. They didn’t want us to become enslaved by our govt. They wanted us to be free, live free. And pursue our own versions of happiness. I’m fine with full auto bans. They are really actually not very useful in full auto anyways. But starting to ban guns is a bad idea… Hate me if you want. I will defend the bill of rights, rather than pick and choose ones I like. They are all important to observe….

OH MY G…. un control

HOLY SHIT. People are stupid. And trolls have become insanely annoying. It used to be just a few people trolling, now its like everyone on twitter thinks they are a master troll…. I need some troll begone. Shit actually every 2nd amendment advocate needs some. I wish someone could rationally explain to me the reason one amendment was less important the others. Seriously though. So far people have started out being rational then it has become YOU’RE A FUCKING MURDER AND KILL CHILDREN THERE IS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. Then its all over. Girls and boys on the other side start acting like enraged children… it’s not only frustrating, but its dumb and immature. I didn’t pull any trigger, I don’t want to kill children, actually Mr./Miss 20 something I have one. A 4-year-old, who means the world to me. I can’t imagine the pain of loosing him. I’m a parent, this is a serious issue to me just as much as the rest of the country. I’m not a heartless gun owner.

I am however a supporter of freedom. Freedom, justice, liberty. You know, the shit that the country was founded upon…

Some Arguments.

“The 2nd amendment was written before modern weaponry”

No shit? So was the first. Has the supreme court not constantly backed free speech on the internet? Do you think the founders could have imagined the internet? What about all that porn? Do you think they should have their free speech rights taken? Hell no, cause you all love porn you sickos. (just kidding… sickos)

“Taking away guns will stop these kinds of tragedies”

uhhh… no they wont. Remember Oklahoma City and the federal building bombing? I don’t want to even compare body counts. Point is. Loons will figure out a way to kill no matter what. Taking guns away will not stop the senseless killings of innocent people. It just wont. “where there is a will, there is a way”

This is a distraction. 



Gun Control is srs business. But if you’re locked up for being a “terrorist” or for a “belligerence” act then I guess it doesn’t matter anyways.

Also, if you’re a member of Westboro Baptist. You’re probably going to hell with the sinners you despise. Seriously.

suck it.

The politicizing of tragedy.

I have to get this off my chest. I am Justin. I have an opinion on guns, and gun control. But right now that opinion is irrelevant  As the hours pass we hear more and more disturbing details on the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. And as the 24 hour news cycle comes out with more info (some true, some not) I see constant political stance posts. Both for and against gun control. And you know what? I think you all should just shut the fuck up.Seriously. A bunch of little kids just died. Does that not mean anything to you? Are you really the type of person that needs latch onto a tragedy and use it for your own political agenda? I can separate myself from my opinion for at least a day (I would love to longer but can only stand attacks for so long) to mourn for the lost and pray for the living. If you cant do that you’re a special kind of asshole. Some piece of shit killed a bunch of little kids. Thats a fact. Lets leave at that. At least for the day. If you want to get up tomorrow and start bitching at each other fine. But at least give the mourning some time to mourn in peace. 


Music that makes you.

That’s it the “most important election of all time is over”. One of two jackasses one. Sweet. I want to write about something that unites rather than divides. Music. Here are a number of my favorite albums from my musically aware life time, as well as some I feel changed genres forever.


This girl literally took me by surprise. Never had I been so attracted to a female artist who I actually loved their music. Do Doubt was pretty rad, but this chick tool the cake. I first heard of her back in late 2006 early 2007 when all she had out was an EP. I still listen to it to this day, but when Siberia came out it just floored me. I was in love. This album has very few songs I do not love. Her sweet demeanor as well as her catchy lyric. Make her still one of my favorite artists and this one of my favorite albums.

Not everyone loves Metal, I get that. I don’t understand it, but I get it. But even if you don’t like metal you at least need to recognize some talent.


I’ve been following BTBAM since High School and used to love the brutalness of Silent Circus and Alaska. However as I matured, so did my taste in music. While I still enjoy some brutality. I am a sucker for the progressive style that BTBAM now plays. Colors is currently, and I have a feeling it will stay that way, my favorite album of theirs. However Ill admit that I am impressed with their last two releases as well. I have had Parallax II on repeat for the last few days and I have only enjoyed it more with each listen. However I can always throw Colors on and get that familiar feeling… Colors = Amazing. If you don’t agree with me, I may have to fight you.


I actually didn’t hear about Mumford and Sons until after all the hipsters had gotten sick of them. Win for me. This is probably one of the best albums that I own. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s just awesome. The lyrics are quotable, they are relevant and most of all they are extremely powerful. If you haven’t stopped to listen to the lyrics I would encourage you to. While there seem to be questions in all of their songs there is also hope. Hope in a loving God, who loves us even though we “fuck up” quite often. If you haven’t listened to this album I encourage you to. If there is any album I would want you to give a listen to on my little list this would be it. No question about it. I would also encourage to give their new album “Babel” a listen as well. These guys are by far my favorite Englishmen. Screw the Beatles, I’ll take Mumford and Sons.


AHHHH YEAH. Coheed is one of bands Ive listened to the longest on this list, along with a couple others. Ive followed them since their first release. Second Stage Turbine Blade. Ive got (most) of the Amory Wars series comics as well. Although I have been slacking since Ive gotten married and haven’t checked in awhile to see how many I’m missing these days. But this would be and will always be my favorite album. This is the only album of theirs that I can easily say that I love each and everyone of the songs on. Part two: The Willing Well have some of the most knarly, yet catchy lyrics. Granted they arent Whitechapel brutal, but also I generally dont go around singing White Chapel. Coheed and Cambria? yeah… you might catch me singing at their shows..



Brand New Y U SO GOOD? Brand New is another band I have been following since the beginning. Back in my pop punk days Brand New came out with “Your Favorite Weapon” and I began to listen to them, along with a bunch of other bands I am too embarrassed to admit I listened to. But it wasnt until they dropped their pop punkish vibe that I feel they really came into their own. Brand New and Taking Back Sunday always fought each other in my mind for my favorite “emo” band. I dont like to call them Emo anymore because I feel they are more than that. And I began to see that with Deja Entendu. Also this “made damn sure” who my favorite of the two was. (sorry TBS, and yes I realize those are TBS lyrics, that was the joke) Again like the rest of the albums I listed I can jam out, and singe to the entire album with no problem. I would rate “The Devil and God are raging inside me” number 2 for the best Brand New Albums….


This is actually the only album on this list that isnt one of my “favorites” but I felt it was far to important to leave out. I would still put Underoath as one of my favorite bands however. This album is just the one I felt literally changed the face of Christian Hardcore/Screamo for ever. This album and this band. With the loss of Dallas, their new lead, and the one everyone knows now, Spencer took the lead vocals. And I while I wasn’t happy at first, I quickly changed my tune. They were after all a very different band then what they were when “act of depression” came out. I think they changed for the better and reached a much bigger audience with their new style of music. Christian hardcore wouldn’t be as mainstream as it is today without Underoath. It really wouldn’t. Sure it existed, but with the help of Solid State Records, and Underoath it exploded.

There are so many more great bands that I love, but these are just a few that I’ve been thinking of lately… Feel free to comment, tell me I am an idiot or whatever. This is after all, purely opinion. But as you should all know, my opinion is always right…

I think everyone around me may actually be retarded.

No offense to the mentally handicapped, but I think that everyone around me may be retarded. That’s the only explanation other than just not giving a shit about civil liberties, meaningless wars, and pointless drug “wars”. The first and most important thing being the civil liberties that are currently being attacked. Maybe Im the retarded one, but I cannot fathom how the possibility indefinite detention from the good ol’ US govt. doesnt scare the shit out of you. I could, although I pray to God I will not, be locked up for speaking out and committing “terrorist acts”. The kids at the OWS movement can now be locked up and labeled domestic terrorists. And it is on the books that even though they are US citizens they dont have the right to a trial. THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL IS GUARANTEED IN THE CONSTITUTION. What what is wrong with everyone? We have been such bitches and bowed down to fear and let our own govt. fuck us in the ass. To hell with the “oh I wont use it” excuse. Why the hell Mr. President are you fighting to keep section 1021 as law. If you dont want to use it then why did you search for a judge that would bend over for you? Judge Forrest (female) had more balls then the pussy bitch Judge Lohier reinstated it until a panel of 3 judges could go over it. Are you kidding me? This violates at  least 4 Constitutional amendments. Big ones. Ill let you in on a secret… they are all in the bill of rights. Yep. 


I dont even want to write about the bullshit wars, and war on drugs. Being this annoyed with all these fucking idiots is exhausting. Im tired of being one of the few people who care about our personnel freedoms.